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S_G March 30, 2009 08:32 AM

I present to you my Kossio-Technia ATH-pro1
Posted this at HF, but I figured I'd share it with the people who got me into the damn modding business in the first place. I know, they look ridiculous, but it was fun (and surprisingly expensive, due to my constant mistakes) to do this. :haha:

One Audio-Technica ATH-M2X housing
Two Koss KTXpro1 drivers
Two Beyerdynamic earpads (actually the pads are Senns, the pad holder is Beyer, both left over from my main set)
6 feet of Mogami 2534 cable (although I started with 8)
6 feet of nylon multifilament sleeving
and a whole lot of patience.

I kept screwing up. I think it had a lot to do with the piece of crap soldering iron I got from Canadian Tire, plus the fact that I suck at soldering. My original plans were to do a simple recable, since the cable was already coming apart at the plug from standard wear and tear. But I toasted one of the ATH-M2X drivers by soldering too long.

So, onto Plan B. I grabbed an old set of KSC75, and I pulled out the drivers. Lo and behold, I burned one of those too. And in the process, I toasted not one, but TWO Neutrik stereo TRS plugs. :doh:

Off to Zellers I went, they were having a sale of 50% off headphones. They were overpriced, but at 50% it was reasonable. Picked up a Koss KTXpro1, which uses the exact same driver as the KSC75. Also went to a local electronics store and managed to find some new plugs. I decided to go with RCA this time, since the real reason I kept screwing up those plugs is that these Mogami 2534 cables are HUGE, and even fitting one in Neutrik plug is hard enough.

Long story short, finally managed to do it right with RCA. Though, I'm still not convinced I got anything beyond a cold solder on the plugs, so we'll see how long it lasts.


First failed attempt with Neutrik 3.5mm:
http://thumbnails15.imagebam.com/281...3d28108264.gif http://thumbnails13.imagebam.com/281...2428108300.gif

And finally, with RCA and the new Frankenphone look:
http://thumbnails14.imagebam.com/312...8e31191854.gif http://thumbnails14.imagebam.com/312...3231191874.gif

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