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Old December 11, 2008, 03:52 PM
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Default Would this audio configuration work?

Hi there.
I would like to have my 5.1 speakers and ventrilo on different sound channels (on headset). I dont want to invest a lot of money since i just want to hear people talking on vent (i dont mind if sound quality isnt great, as long as its understandable).
On my old computer, i used to run the onboard soundcard + xfi extreme audio soundcard at the same time and it worked with my simple wired (2 audio jacks) logitech headset.

Now, i cannot run Both my onboard card and the soundblaster xfi on this computer (as they are not compatible).

If i get a USB Bluetooth dongle and i pair it with my Cellphone bluetooth headset, will the computer make a virtual software soundcard for the USB dongle, so that i can effectively:

Have vent on Bluetooth headset
Have music or game sounds in speakers
Have input (MIC on bluetooth headset)???

Also, will any cheapo bluetooth adapter work fine?? Or do i need to pay up to 50$ for a Linksys one.

EDIT: I play games with my brother, and hes got his own comp 3meters away. If we do get the same setup, can we pair the USB dongles separately (like with cellphones) or will there be interference?

EDIT 2: Thinking about ordering 2 of these:
Tiny USB 2.0 Bluetooth V2.0 EDR Dongle Wireless Adapter - eBay (item 260315526745 end time Dec-13-08 10:28:12 PST)
I have to give the direct link cuz this item doesnt have specs, its a no name china made adapter. lol.

Or the 2nd Alternative:
buy a cheapo USB soundcard dongle and put ventrilo output on that channel (using my old wired open air logitech headset).
Like this perhaps:
USB 2.0 to Mic/Speaker 5.1 Audio Sound Card Adapter,K02 - eBay (item 280267978957 end time Dec-15-08 15:49:51 PST)


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Old December 12, 2008, 12:15 PM
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All you need are your speakers connected and a pair of USB headphones.

Then go into windows and set your default sound as your speakers. Then go into Ventrilo and go through ALL the options tabs and set every option to your HEADPHONES.

I have mine set up so only ventrilo/voice comes over my headset and my speakers play music/game sounds.

As far as the bluetooth headset thing goes I can't offer any insight as I've never hooked one up to a computer.
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