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Default What is the best way to apply thermal compound to the Vendetta 2?

After a lot of reading and googling, I went out and bought an OCZ Vendetta 2 cooler, but at the moment, I am not getting the temps I was hoping for. Real Temp v2.7 shows the core temperatures around 34-36-33-38 respectively on a Q9450 at stock 2.66GHz with about ten apps running: realtemp, speedfan, 2 browsers, firewall, anti-virus, gpu software, etc.

I read the review for the Vendetta 2 on this site and I am desperate to know how AKG managed to get such good temps. I concluded that it has to be the way the thermal compound is applied. I am using Artic Cooling MX-2. I put a large pea-size drop of mx-2 on the heatsink and used the piece of plastic I removed from the heatsink to cover the ridges between the copper pipes and the aluminum dividers.

What is the best way to apply the thermal paste? Do I need to spread it around before putting on the cpu?

I was hoping to do my first overclock with this chip and my goal is to get it up to 3.4 to 3.6GHz but that's not going to happen at the moment, I don't think.

Does anyone else has this cooler and what processor do you have and what temperatures are you getting?

Thank you and I hope to get some answers to my problem.

More info:

Case: Antec P182
Board: Abit IP35 Pro rev.1 (I think) with Bios v17
8800 GTS at stock speed
Picture of Speedfan readings here
Picture of Realtemp readings here

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