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Hardware Canucks April 30, 2008 09:24 AM

Scythe Shuriken Low Low-Profile CPU Cooler
[Frostytech.com] If you fall into the category of the individual who does not need a lot of cooling then Scythe’s newest offering may be just what you need. The Shuriken is a whole lot of cooler in a small package. If you were looking for a 815 plus gram behemoth like Scythe’s other newest coolers, the Ninja Copper and Zipang, don’t look any further. Beyond this page is a lightweight of a cooler. At just over 355 grams, the Shuriken is geared at the Intel and AMD stockers. The Shuriken looks a whole lot like the Zipang, but does so on a smaller scale, so how is the cooling? Lets find out what she can do.


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