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stlouis1 August 7, 2013 03:21 AM

Thermalright True Black on i7 3930k?
Just had the 3930k I purchased from fishingfanatic show up at my door yesterday before I went to bed. Now I've finally finished all my work for the night so I have time to get some opinions on this.

I'm currently running an AMD Phenom II X4 955 in one of my systems, with a thermalright true black, I'd like to not give up that heatsink, and I've found a couple bracket options that should work to mount it on the 3930k that'll run me around 10-20$

Is there any reason at all I shouldn't go this route? I figure the AMD chip is rated 125, and the 3930 is rated 130, so by that logic if my temps are fine on the current AMD, they should be fine on the new chip, and probably even better under lighter loads given the few years ahead the new intel chip is and better power management / frequency scaling

before anyone asks, overclocking is not a factor, I've no intention of overclocking it....well maybe out of the box for a few hours to see what I hit, but otherwise it'll be running stock

Your_friendly_gamer August 7, 2013 06:33 PM

Yea no need to change the cooler, its still a really good cooler, better that most of the air coolers out there currently. Even if you were to oc it, you should be fne! thats a great chip, enjoy:thumb:

stlouis1 August 7, 2013 07:17 PM

see that's my thinking too. I've got a set of brackets on order, and I'm looking into the 1366 kit which is 10$, I'll try both if I have too and see which fits better if anything. But I'm pretty sure the heatsink itself is more than capable, plus it should just look dam pretty on the sabertooth x79, and we know it's all about aesthetics right

BrainEater August 12, 2013 07:40 AM

Thermalright TRUE's are among the best out there.I own several TRUE coppers.......you could probably cool 2x 3930k's with a TRUE black.

If you've got the 1366 bracket coming you should be good to go.


stlouis1 August 12, 2013 10:33 PM

OH I know the True Black at least was a fantastic cooler when it came out, that's why I bought it. Just wasn't sure how it compares to newer ones. I know it's better than the CM hyper 212's I've been using constantly for any build that will take it since they're such a great bang for buck cooler.

But yeah, I have a 1366 bracket on order, not sure how long it's going to take though, had to order from frozencpu as I couldn't find it anywhere else. Maybe I didn't look hard enough, I don't know, but anyway, usps 15-30 day shipping, so we'll see how long it actually takes. There's no way I was spending 18$ or more to bump up the shipping, not for a 10$ item that could fit in a padded envelope. I really don't understand where these ridiculous shipping costs come from

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