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Mr. Sneaky January 1, 2012 12:59 PM

Differences between Noctua D14 vs C14
i was looking at getting a decent cooler for my i2500, but i am little torn as to which one to get.

C14 is top down so it will cool vram sinks

D14 has a bigger cooling area.

it does say d14 will get some air moving around the vram sink area.

Anyone have any personal experience with either?

Coach January 1, 2012 03:39 PM

so you have the non k i5 2500? Will your case hold a NH-D14?

Also what is the "vram sink" you talk of, the ram sinks on your gfx card? Perhaps you are talking about vrm heatsinks on the mobo?

Lastly I own two NH-D14's. One is on a 2600K at 4.9 and the other is on a 2500K at 4.8. I love both TBH but you need enough room in your case for them. I have not used a NH-C14 but it gets great reviews as a down draft HSF. Seeing as you are not OCing IMO both coolers will be overkill for what you have... perhaps a Hyper 212 is all you need and is MUCH cheaper.

Dragonstongue January 1, 2012 05:09 PM

Hyper 212+ with push/pull are very close in performance overall for most but the older hotter or higher end chips such as i7 980x or 3970x or whatever, Hyper 212+ is excellent cooler.

Vram sink, I think he meant dimm-sinks or ram heatspreaders, C14 may cool these better, but it does not cool as well as D14 does, D14 and other coolers in that range are more meant for pushing cpu to the bleeding edge of what they can do, or for cpus doing 130w+ heatload. Hyper 212+ and D14 will cool motherboard well enough, and at least they can make sure air goes through the case properly, so it is easier to keep everthing cooler, as air in one way out the other instead of circulating or piling up as it can with top/down style coolers.

Honestly, unless you are massively clocking any i5/i7 there is no need for spending $75+ dollars on a cooler. Hyper 212+ and others that are similar will work just fine, cool very close to the same, and offer very similar overclocking headroom. I would say with the exact same chip maybe 5c difference setup properly and maybe 200mhz, so unless you are benchmark hungry or are running extreme speeds, to me, its a wasted cost.

The c14 while a good cooler, was not meant for super high end overclocking or whatever, it was designed as a smaller form factor cooler, that you can overclock with, you want the best cooling, you go with liquid, tower cooling, or exotic cooling, that has never changed :) Its all about absorbing and disappating the heat as fast as possible, and secondarily, making the heat go in a very specific place, ones that blow it around an enclosed area, well, they can only do so much :P

enaberif January 1, 2012 05:44 PM

Why bother with a cooler for that chip? If it was a K sure.

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