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AmuseMe June 26, 2009 10:50 PM

Best Replacement Fans for Antec 1200
Ah yes, the Antec 1200 replacement fan question. I can probably assume this question has been asked many times on HWC, but to my knowladhe I do not remember seeing anything on this recently. Also I like to get the most up to date answers.

Anywho what are the 1) Best air-moving 120mm fans overall, 2) Absolutley most quiet 120mm, 3) Best air-movement to noise (quite) ratio, 4) YOUR reccomendation.

By the way, I would Like to keep the ol' blue cliché LEDs; I still like them :)

Also, I know stacking fans doesn't really work, but what I I left abou 3" - 4" between the two? Does that make a push-pull thing?

Ogdin June 27, 2009 07:47 AM

I 'll jump right to # 4,the Sythe S-Flex sff21e fans with a fan controller can spin up to 1200 rpm and move lots of air.Toned down with the fan controller they do very well in the quiet department.I like my pc's quiet so thats as fast as i would go for a 120mm fan. I find the antec tricool fans to be low quality,thats why i swapped mine out when i opened the box. As for questions 1/2/3,fan testing is very subjective,for #1 i'd say a Delta 4600rpm 220cfm would probably be tops,and at 65dba it could double as a leaf blower.For #2 the 800rpm Noctua or S-flex would be the kings of quiet but they don't push alot of air. For #3 look at the answer to #4.

jcmaz June 27, 2009 08:16 AM

How bout the GELID LED 120mm fan @ NCIX???

AmuseMe June 27, 2009 08:20 AM

With the Scythes running at 1200RPM, will they beat the stock Antec fans? Or fairly close.

Ogdin June 27, 2009 07:06 PM

At 1200 rpm its the same speed as the tricools on low. How fast where you running the tricools?

Silvgearx June 27, 2009 07:07 PM

Not worried about price? then noctua are for you. use the blue leds for intake and use noctua for exhaust

NCIX.com - Buy Noctua NF-P12-1300 120MM Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan 1100-1300RPM 63-92M3/H 12.6-19.8DBA Molex - NF-P12-1300 In Canada.

those S-flex 1200RPM fans are a tiny bit louder than the noctuas but its a cheap alternative.

those scythes 1200rpm are close to antec tri cool's medium speed but 2 time quieter.

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