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Cowboy June 1, 2009 03:18 PM

have a fan question
Howdy all,

I've got a number of 120mm fans and I'm going to be sleeving them very shortly. I am going to be attaching them to rads in a push/pull and I wanted to be able to turn them on and off using one switch on my fan controller (i have 6 available)

they are all medium speed fans, unsure of voltage and stuff. my question is how many of these fans can i attach to a single 3 pin connector given that my fan controller provides either 25 or 45 w per channel (6 channels.)


sswilson June 1, 2009 03:38 PM

Many fans list their current rating on the decal. If they don't you can "guesstimate" on the high end by assinging each one with .5A fairly safely. There might be a few fans out there that go above that rating, but the great majority are under .5A.

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