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Matt December 23, 2008 06:04 PM

Need help setting up my Xigmatek HSF
Sorry for all the questions this week, but now I've run into some problems setting up my HSF. I booted into the BIOS and the CPU temp was around 40C, which seems a little high. I think the problem is that I used too much TIM. I'm going to spread it this time to ensure proper application; should I spread it on the base, the CPU, or both? Also, I currently have the fan pushing through the heat sink and blowing towards my top fan(In a HAF). Should I point it towards the rear fan instead?

(On a side note: I accidentally tore a chunk of one of the rubber fasteners off while installing the fan. It's okay for now, but it may be a problem if I ever take the fan off. Are there any other fans that come with rubber fastners that I could use to replace it? )

JD December 23, 2008 06:38 PM

What CPU do you have?

And personally, I'd orient the heatsink so that the air blows out the air case fan. That way it draws in cooler air from the front of the case. The way you have it, the CPU is technically pulling in warm air off the chipset (or at least it seems like it from what you've described).

And only apply TIM to one surface, which is the CPU. Should only need about the size of a pea. The TIM that comes with the Xigmatek stuff probably isn't the greatest either so you might want to invest it some Arctic Cooling MX-2 or Arctic Silver 5.

As per the rubber mounts, they only come with Xigmatek heatsinks I believe so you'd probably have to contact them.

Matt December 23, 2008 06:45 PM

It's a Q6600, and I'm using MX-2. It appears that the problem is with the MB temp sensor, as I rebooted and then it displayed the temp as -20. It also always starts at 40, which is way above my ambient. I'm installing vista right now so I can use coretemp to see if I really have a problem. I'll update the BIOS and run Prime95 to see if I can unstick it. Should I RMA the board?

UPDATE: Coretemp shows that the CPU is actually running much cooler that the board reports. Cores 0 runs at about 32C idle 45C load (Probably because it gets the most load from single threaded apps/shoddy TIM application), cores 1-3 run at about 26C idle 37C load. Not bad, I'll try to reseat the HSF when I want to OC but I want to leave it be for the time being because I might have bad luck getting that fan back on with the board already in the case.

JD December 23, 2008 09:17 PM

Try grabbing OCCT and to put all the cores at 100% load. However your temps do seem fine with CoreTemp. I thought you were using it in the first place since motherboard sensors are highly inaccurate.

Matt December 25, 2008 11:10 AM

Thanks for the help. The temps I gave were taken with coretemp while running Prime95. I will still reseat the HSF when I decide to overclock. I've noticed that cores 0 and 1 run hotter that 2 and 3 so I think a reapplication of TIM would still be helpful.

burebista December 25, 2008 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Matt (Post 131265)
I've noticed that cores 0 and 1 run hotter that 2 and 3 so I think a reapplication of TIM would still be helpful.

It's very common that 2 cores have one temperature and others 2 another temperature.
45C load with prime95 is very good. Your room temperature was...?
For absolute heatsink test you can try LinX. 5-10 passes with all memory selected for testing is enough to heat up your CPU like no tomorrow.

Snafu December 26, 2008 08:35 AM

If you are going to reapply the termal paste then take a look at this post. It has links to how Arctic recommends you apply thermal paste based on the type of cpu.

As for which direction to point the HSF, I would try it both ways to see which gives you better results. Do you have the PSU mounted up top? If so then this could help pull warm air away from the HSF.

Also the side fan on that case should provide enough cool air for teh HSF to not worry too much about relying on the front intake for cool air.

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