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Originally Posted by xollner View Post
Yeah I'll go with another 640 first because I love my space and I will probably pick some raptors up when they drop in price in a couple of months, 750TX it is for the psu, I'm going to stick with the reaper ram though and I will stick with the ocz. I have to I have acess to a mill so I could level it off easily but I would hardly notice the performance drop if I only plan on OCing around 3Ghz right?
You probably won't notice it at all really, performance wise. It all comes down to the math and how the numbers add up when you're oc'ing. You'll be safe around 3.0 for sure and maybe 4.2 depending on how your compontents work together I think.

I mean worse case, if you decide you really need different ram you can sell that off fast and pick up some higher specced mem later right?
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