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Haha we'll all confuse the poor guy. Lets keep the suggestions organized. Lets not make up his mind for him!

As far as the memory goes you can go with either or and you'll be fine. If you only plan to hit maybe 3.0ghz on that Q6600 then you can stick with the OCZ and overclock them. Or you can pick up the Redlines and either leave them at 1000 or underclock them a bit and tighten timings and keep your ratio. It dosn't really matter, because you will learn a lot about oc'ing just by trying either of those sets out. I say go with whatever you feel most comfortable buying.

Definitely change that PSU out; if you're really concerned about it being modular you can look at the HX620 or another good modular psu, you really do not need to spend more than 100-150 (MAX) to get a psu to supply your system very well. But if you can handle cables, get that 750, you'll really be impressed when you open the box!

Choose either of the coolers, but the OCZ has been arguably better in tests lately, again, it comes down to choice.. if you're not a hardcore overclocker you probably won't notice much at all and to be honest, both of those will keep a Q6600 perfectly cool up until about 3.2 ish (depending on vcore of course).

Geokilla's suggestion on the 640gb drive is a good one too; those drives really rock; but go with whatever you want! If you're dying for a Vrap! Do it up :D
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