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My System Specs


Hmm, I would say keep the DDR2 800 RAM. OCZ Reapers can overclock fairly well and most RAM should be able to hit DDR 900 easily, which running in a 1:1 means 450FSB.

Instead of getting two 4850, have you looked into a 4870 or GTX260 216 or a 9800GX2? Those are some pretty good cards as well.

I myself have an OCZ Vendetta 2 and it's a great cooler. My temps don't even top 50C on my rig in sig.

For the PSU, go with what the others say. No need for a 1000W power supply. The Corsair HX620 is more than enough for your rig, even if you decide to stick with two 4850. Plus, it's modular so cable management will be a breeze.

When you plan to get another hard drive, I suggest that you get 640GB hard drives. To me, the 640GB hard drives are plenty fast and you don't need to pay that much extra for a Raptor X.
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