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Default Disc cloning software?

I have 2 identical hardrives 500GB Western Digital SE16's. I used to dual boot between Vista 64 and XP 32. I never boot into XP anymore so I'm going to lose it.

My OS's crapped out so I need to reinstall at this point, OS, programs, data, everything. Yup, a long day ahead.

I want to put everything on one drive and clone it to another. I am hoping to find a free bit of software that will allow me to once a month just copy it all exactly as is and physically remove the 2nd drive. I would like it to work as if let's say my HD were stolen by aliens I could just pop in my other drive and be up and running instantly.

I've been reading around but it's a little over my head in some ways. A lot of the programs talk of restoring (I want to replace not restore), or they store it compressed or as xml files etc. I can't get into my OS at all so I don't know how I could restore even if I had a back up. The Windows CD won't even get past loading to do a repair, it just restarts over and over. Now if I had an exact copy from a month ago I could be up and running now instead of bothering you good people.

Is what I want to do possible? I would like to just lose 1 months data at most and have an almost instant re-up time (as long as it takes to pop in the 2nd drive).

If this is possible but the freeware options suck could you recomend software for less than $100 that would do this.

Thanks in advance,
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