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Originally Posted by xollner View Post
I'll switch the psu to the 750TX, is there any other ram alternatives? what specs do I need on the ram to OC the q6600 to 3Ghz or a bit more?
If you can unlink your ram with that board, ram will be a non issue while overclocking the Q6600. I'm almost positive that the 6600 will very easily overclock to 3.0ghz. While on air i didnt have any trouble getting to 3.2 with the "auto" settings on the voltages and only tweeking the FSB.

The most important componant to overclocking is the HSF, which you are choosing the vendetta 2, though its a good HSF, I'd recomend (and will probly be sht on for it) the Zalman 9500 or 9700, they have a solid copper bottom that is polished enough to see the hair up your nose when you look at it, and i was able to attain 3.5 ghz stable with the 9500 (wich is lesser than, and smaller than the 9700) I currently have the 9700 which i have not bothered trying to overclock with as of yet.

Vendetta 2 base
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Zalman cnps9500 base
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Also i'll note that i read on the forums here, Somebody bought the Vendetta 2 and had problems with a hight difference between the copper and the aluminum parts which required him to lap. which is a bit of a pain in the ass. The two Zalmans i have look as if they've already been lapped and are perfectly flat and mirror smooth, right out of the box.

Also, i'll +1 to the Mushkin redlines.

(edit) I should also note, that the vendetta 2 has the push pin type attatchment, while the zalman has the bolt through screw down type attatchment, which i would say is far safer for the size of both of these heatsinks, if you tend to move your pc around a bit.
(the push pin type could become loose while moving the pc around with a heatsink of that size and weight)

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