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My System Specs


Encorp is right, 1000W is pretty overkill for a system like that. I haven't seen many systems that actually need 1000W. I know i sound like a record player but, a corsair HX620 or TX750 are excellent choices. I would go for the modular, easier to cable manage and get a good airflow. Mushkin redlines are awesome, i have them myself. Never got a problem caused by RAM, yet. Also i reconmend you getting the bolt thru kit for the OCZ vendetta 2. Pushpins are a big headache if you don't have enough patience. Um i'm going to guess you need those motherboard risers (don't worry that case comes with them) i never seen a motherboard that didn't. Are you sure you want x2 4850? There hasn't been much gain in fps with 2 4850. My friend gets all these errors from using crossfire 4850s. I suggest a 4870 (not the 1GB). Other then that it looks awesome.
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