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I have the GA-MA78GM-S2H motherboard and X2 4600+ and it works great. Plays 1080p perfectly fine using the onboard though its only over VGA because my TV doesn't seem to like the HDMI port. There is no need for anything more powerful than the onboard for just watching movies. Even the HD3200 is good enough for playing Quake 3 and Audiosurf (the only games I have tried on my HTPC) at 1080p. I've also got a RAID card in the PCI-E slot and it works flawlessly. I'd say drop the 3870 and go with just the onboard as its plenty powerful enough and it'll reduce noise and power consumption. The case/PSU I use is the Antec Sonata III 500. Its a great case that has room for 4 hard drives which are mounted using Antec's system to make them super quiet (and it works, 3 x 500GB and 1 x 80GB and its dead silent). The PSU is extremely good, especially for being included with a $100 case. It is the Earthwatts 500W PSU if you want to look for a review for it. I've done a number of builds with that case/PSU combo and I've never had any problems at all.
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