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Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
1. Go to Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Changed advanced power settings. In there you can change the function of the start menu power button.

2. Those are system files, why you have "Show operating files" enable is beyond me, but even if you delete it, it'll come back.

3. Set a folder to how you like, click Organize > Folder and Search Options > View > Apply to All Folders

4. No such thing to my knowledge. Use the breadcrumb navigation or the folder list on the side.

5. Open Security Center, on the left side at the bottom "Change the way Security Center alerts me".

6. Try what I said in #3.
1) Just turn off hibernate period; bad for desktops

3) Because to me I want to see every file possible. I hate when I can't and I also hate when I can't see file extensions.

4) Removed and Vista now uses the breadcrumb system (which I find annoying)

5) You can turn off UAC and turn off the alerts (been this way since XP SP2)
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