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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Thanks for the reply Patriote and MOD!,

I'm just using the regular issued thermal compound (mx-1 I think) already on the HSF. Arctic documents stated a 200 hours "curing" time ,I suppose I'll gain a tiny bit, maybe one degree.

If you find the temp a little high, well you know better than me.

I got an Armor jR case, with a 120mm exhaust fan right behind the Freezer 7 I supposed it would be a good setup. I'll change that 120 for a TRICOOL ,I'l probably get more airflow than the regular TT case fan. I'm also getting a ANTEC SPOTCOOL to cool RAM/Northbridge and back of 8800 GFX.
Your welcome

But i doubt that changing the back fan will give anything worth. But yeah, the fan will probably be better than the TT

Next time you have to remove your Freezer, clean off the old thermal compound with alcohol or Artic clean, get yourself some AS5 and apply it. You should see a small difference.
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