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Im guessing you're around the mississauga/toronto area then...?
i just came back from school... i got thre 48 mins late (thats a first...) and promptly left, finding no teachers, and having 4 people tell me its a snow day. 4hrs on the transit wasted (i go to gordon graydon, the best business school in mississauga)...

Anywhoo, i slipped 2 times on a 20m long stretched from the parking lot to my school....... its pretty icy people, be carefull.

As for the panels, dang man thats a pretty good f'in job. Dual 88's... 2gb of pc8500.... i doubt he's ever headed for the poor house man.

Interesting idea there with the panels though... would be interesting to slap some bondo inbetween em, and make a nice "one-piece" monitor, with a good stand to support it at the back. Great idea though, i had 3" between my 17" crt and lcd lol that wasnt pretty. Allright for cad though...

Kudos to you for trying!
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