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Hey MAC,

I think there may be something wrong with the chip, but I'm not able to do any lapping or IHS removal tricks on this particular CPU, so I'm going to have to settle for these results. It's also not the best two die CPU block that I'm using with the chiller. It's a Danger Den TDX block, so most of its cooling ability is focused in the middle of the CPU, where there's a gap for a Kentsfield.

I actually had similarly high results with this Kentsfield and an APOGEE. Honestly I don't know what revision our ES is, so that may be an issue as well, but I was getting up into the 72C range as measured by core temp with a quad 120mm fan radiator ambient water cooling loop. I know it's not the water temps because the GPUs (7900GTs in this case) load around 35C.

Any toying with the Kentsfield and ambient water cooling I did was on a Bad Axe 2. The reason I'm using the P5W DH is that I have already condensation-proofed it. I guess I'm willing to settle for the results I've obtained. My goal tonight was front page on the ORB, and I've accomplished that.
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