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No problem. You will need ~12 pounds for 8 hours of CPU benching, closer to 20 if you bench GPUs as well.

Few tips:
1) Get the pellets and crush the dice into powder before adding to pot
2) Use acetone, methanol, everclear or similar for the liquid, should be 90%+. FYI methanol is about 3 bucks a jug at home depot.
3) Experiment with different levels of dice, dont just fill up to the top.
4) Pack the dice down often to avoid air pockets
5) Get a digital thermometer, UEI or Fluke or similar, and install a temp probe about 1mm above cpu connect point.
6) Have good ventilation in your benching room. Dice omits tons of c02 and can be dangerous if you are somewhere with no air flow.

ps - Just noticed you are on team ocx, I thought I knew that name from somewhere. :)
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