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the only things that i have in the usb ports are an wireless network connection and a webcam.. when i hook up the mobilepre it works fine.. its one of the channels that has some kind of problem.. sometimes it clips and sounds bad on the one channel and sometimes its fine and the other channel works perfectly. the only reasone that i need to use the usb device is because if i use the direct line in on the built in sound card the signal is too loud. weather its from my amp or from my mixer. with the interface program that i have it can't limit the signal enough to get rid of the cliping.

as for the problem with the mobilepre device, i'm pretty sure that it has something to do with the gain knob for the bad channel. as far as i can tell there are no loose connections so its probably a bigger problem like something with the circuit board.

thanks for your input though
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if any of this is even worth mentioning
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