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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
And unfortunately due to reasons of this nature I have become less active than normal.
Oh when I meant argue.. I meant more like constructive criticism strictly related on the topic, I don't think I have ever personally offended you, or attacked you..

I don't mean to start a fight, or a huge argument, but enaberif I'll tell you something honestly, when you start behaving like that, and getting frustrated when people go against your suggestions, that is what people don't appreciate, imo it is just a forum, if I were purposely doing that to you that would be different, but as I mentioned everyone has different tastes.. When someone starts arguing with me on my suggestions/comments, I don't go after him and start calling him names, or attacking them, I just leave him alone and that thread, until they have stopped their childishness, while with you I've seen many times (i'm not going to mention names), you've gone after someone, even telling the grow up, imo he is suggesting something you don't like, there is nothing wrong with it, you don't have to prove each and every point of yours, your not always correct neither is the other person correct, just mention your suggestions, tell him why his suggestions are not good, and fullstop, if he has to behave like an idiot, let him do so.. it will affect him, not you..

But I hold no hard feelings, and I hope the same from you, as I told you before, you've helped me in the past, and I hope to remain friends with you, and one day try to repay you back.
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