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Yeah HWC might be a smaller coomunity, but seems rather large and at least it is active, lots of big forums, they are pile of members just using 1/2 of the forum, becomes boring, lots of violence and personal assaults.

I also have learned a lot at HWC, and even though occasionally we argue with other users on different hardware parts *cough enaberif*.. I still respect them, and thank them for all the help and brain usage they have put for me. Let's just say, everybody has a different perspective, point of view and choice of hardware, so it is not a must that everybody will give same suggestions. Some users might have had luck with different hardware parts that other didn't..

But really I used to be much more active in other forums when I first registered here, for the first 2 months I would just walk in the park, maybe pick up an apple, throw garbage, have fresh air and leave lol.. But now, I'm much more active and have started learning quite a bit more.. now it is more like the park is my home, and nobody gonna mess with me here :P..

Lastly, yes one thing very nice about this forum is everybody if not experienced have adequate knowledge in hardware, at least some sort, we don't have people asking questions like "How do I put a processor on the motherboard and put the heatsink on it".. it isn't bad to ask, but imho you gotta see what you ask lol..
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