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Thanks for this info, im glad i was able to find this forum thread rather quickly on google i was having problems sharing my ext hdd on my network an this helped a great deal. one thing i would like to note, after you click on the advanced tab an click the find now button the only 2 i had to add were NETWORK and NETWORK SERVICE, in reality both might not be needed but those are the 2 i added first at the same time. after which the system did a quick scan of the HDD and bam it worked over the network.... when i have more time ill test an figure out which of the 2 is needed granted it might be both, in any case you could create a new group containing those 2 called networkgroup or such and use that instead of adding them to the everyone group, granted if only one is needed then all youd have todo is add that specific group to the shared permissions, tho most people might find it easier to just add them to the everyone group. just thought id put it out there. but thanks again
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