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My System Specs


Originally Posted by donimo View Post
Also, in rivatuner, it seems to cycle between 650mhz and 500, but REALLY often, up down up down up down, looks like a really tight sawtooth waveform, back and forth every 1-2 seconds.

I know this card is supposed to scale down when not loaded but like this??
Are you running something that's always using 3D graphics? It should stay at 500MHz if your just sitting on your desktop and what not.

My HD4850 stays at 500/750 on Vista at the desktop/MSN/Firefox etc. I also have the Arctic Cooling TwinTurbo which gives me 42C idle (20C ambient) in my Antec 900. I'm also running 700/1125 as my clocks.

I'd like to see a picture of your 900 if possible. Perhaps you just have bad cable management and thus there isn't much air getting to the GPU? Also do you have a side fan?
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