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Default Possible HTPC build

I have been considering building a HTPC strictly use as a HD PVR/ ATSC Box for HD OTA. As i can't seem to find a standalone STB that will do the same for a decent amount of money. Now i haven't built a HTPC in a couple of years so i want to make sure this will work.

tv tuner - hauppage pvr-1800 atsc tuner x2 (so i can record one show while watching another)
cpu - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
mobo - ASUS M2N68-VM
case - Antec Fusion Black 430
psu - included
hdd - 320gb x2 (striped Array)
os - vista ultimate 32bit (i have a free copy)
ram - g.skill pc2-6400 2gb kit
VC - Cheapest VC that can do 1080p over hdmi (no preference to nvidia or ati)

Please post any suggestions or if you have a source for a stand alone STB that will do what i need it to please point me in that direction as well.
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