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My System Specs


The main thing that drove me to the decision was seeing how my buddies 260 core 216 performed in my system compared to his which has a Q6600 at 3.2GHz, a 750i mobo, and mushkin DDR2-800.
His setup was getting at least 10fps more in Crysis Warhead with the only main difference being 2 AMD K8 cores VS 4 Intel Kentsfield cores. So based on that, I wanted a 4870 but knew my cpu would hold it back. So I'm hoping a Phenom at 3.2GHz ( <- I hope I can get it that high! lol ) will fix that problem.

Anyhow, I'm gonna do some benchies with:
1 - X2 and 3870
2 - X2 and 4870
3 - Phenom and 3870
4 - Phenom and 4870

I'll probably do everything with the cpus at 3.2GHz for a more acurate comparison.
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