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Default 1 line versus 2 whats the difference?

Can anyone explain to me what the real benefit is to having 2 -12volt lines in a power supply instead of one?... I mean the specs seem to be commonly around 18amps x 2 for 2 - 12 volt lines, and say 36amps for a power supply having only one.... just by simple math shouldn't they be equal, they would be in amps.... so is there a hidden benefit to having separate lines?....

Also, I'm getting real close to an upgrading my pc... and I have been looking at sky's reviews... All of the power supplies I'm looking at will be within 10$ of each other... so... Anyone like to do a ranking from best to worst, just looking at wattage, it would seem to be the apex one... but also from experience I do know there's a big difference in what it says on the box and what they can actually do, so ... So, here's my list.

Apex Solytech SL-8600EPS 600W SLI
Silverstone Element ST50EF-PLUS 500W
FSP Fortron AX500-A Blue Storm II 500W
Mushkin HP-550 550W

BTW, the power supply would be powering a 2gb, intel e6600, p965 motherboard, 7200 rpm hd, dvd burner and probably a 8800gts 320mb video card unless ati's pricing drops at least 50$ on there newest card.
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