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Default Koolance Liquid Cooled 1200W Power Supply

This unit from Koolance promises to output 1200W while being cooled by a complete watercooling system. The price is hefty and Jonny finds some interesting performance shortfalls.

Link: jonnyGURU's Personal Website

I HATED giving this thing a low score. And I would never tell anyone that this power supply is NOT recommended, despite the fact that it only scored a 7 and didn't get a "Recommended" award. But the fact of the matter is, it's an 850W power supply being sold as a 1200W power supply at a cost of around $500. I bagged on the efficiency, but it really wasn't too bad. I bagged on the ripple and noise, but at loads under 850W (where 99% of you guys and gals will be 99% of the time) it was within spec. The coolness factor and just the aesthetics were off the charts though. In fact, even if this PSU wasn't water cooled and instead was an air cooled PSU in a laser etched aluminum housing with stainless steel panels on the top and bottom, it STILL would have scored a 10 in the aesthetics category.
Plain and simple, the choice is up to you. That's why it's so important to not just read the beginning and end of a review and actually read what's in between. Because even though this power supply didn't score a 10, I still like it. Has this happened before? Yes. The SevenTeam ST500EAZ I reviewed last year wasn't perfect, but I liked it. So I used it in my own machine for over a year. Not every good PSU is going to score "perfect." Not every "perfect" PSU is perfect for everyone. This is a good power supply. It's expensive, but if you want people to stop and leave a puddle in front of your PC as they walk by at the LAN parties, then I strongly suggest giving the Koolance consideration.
The Good:
  • DAMN! This thing looks hot!
  • Great voltage regulation all of the way up to 1200W!
  • Completely modular.
  • Active Power Factor Correction.
  • Extremely quiet.
The Bad:
  • Very expensive. Especially considering it's only an 850W in reality.
  • Way too much ripple, especially over 850W.
The Mediocre:
  • Not very efficientduring low and high loads.
  • Won't mount in some cases. Especially those without universal PSU mounting plates.
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