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Default Chucking together an HTPC from old rig

After I'm done building my new gaming/internet/WTF ever rig, I was thinking of taking my current machine and chopping it up into a cheap but effective Home Theatre PC.

Now, I want to purchase as little parts as possible and use what I already have. My current rig (the one that'll be chopped up) is listed in my sig for reference.

Here is what the home theatre pc would look like (just a rough preselection of parts):
Italicized parts are leftover parts being put into the new system.
Case: Antec Minuet 350 mATX Black Case (350W)
OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4GHz, 800MHz FSB
HSF: Stock Intel cooler, some higher grade thermal paste
Motherboard: Intel DG33TL LGA775 Core2Duo MATX MB
Power Supply: Undecided; must be Micro-ATX
Graphics Card: Sapphire HD3650 DDR2 512mb PCI-E
Memory: 3GB total DDR2 @ 667MHz
Hard Drives: 1 x 160GB SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (OS, apps, local temp storage)
Optical Drives: Asus BC-1205PT Blue-Ray/DVD-RW Combo
TV TUNER:Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1600 MCE Kit
A few questions:

1) Would this rig get away with the 350W PSU that comes with the case?

2) I know it's aging, but the 3650 is fairly cheap and offers everything I need. It also doesn't appear to be very big. will this suit me?

3) Will the TV tuner work with the system okay? the system itself is not Media Centre edition, but that doesn't matter to me. I just need to make sure it'll work with the system.

some points:

>> I don't need the system to be Media Centre Edition capable; for most things (except the tv tuner remote) i'll use a wireless keyboard and mouse to access things.

>> The TV is a decent 27" Standard Definition TV, the output will be S-video to Component output (RGB cables). I only need the HDCP compliancy if a) I want to play HD movies on my machine and/or b) I finally do get an HD TV.

>> The hard drive doesn't need to be very big; actual media content will be stored on a seperate computer, a File Server i'm building; connected via Ethernet through a (small) home network with decent transfer rates. Though if necessary I will store files in use on the HDD temporarily.

>> Noise isn't too big of a problem, as long as the thing doesn't fall outside of reasonable ambience level (no louder than an Xbox 360 minus game in tray).

information, commentary, etc much appreciated! If I think of anything else i'll edit it in.
Case: CoolerMaster HAF 932
CPU : Intel i7-5820K 6-core @ 3.3GHz
RAM : 32GB DDR4 2400MHz (G.SKILL Ripjaws)
HDD : Main: 240GB SSD SATA2 (Intel) Storage: 3TB SATA2 (WD Green) Backup: 500GB External USB (Hitatchi)
GFX : Gigabyte GTX 970 4GB
PSU : 750W Corsair Modular PSU
MoBo: Asus X99-A
View : Acer H213H 21.5" @ 1920 x 1080 + random 4:3 monitor

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