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Default First New Rig in Years (or "Oh God, WTF is going on?")

My computer just died. Like, dead, dead, won't even start dead. I was buying a new one soon anyway, so I guess "soon" has simply become "NOW".

Anyway, I have no ******* idea what to look for. I don't keep abreast of technology stuff usually and I built my last computer in 2002. So, I could really use some advice here. There's other threads, but I'm looking for some advice that assumes I know NOTHING, because my knowledge of what's the best these days is ... non-existent.

A few points:

-It's for gaming.

- I don't mind dropping a good chunk of cash on this. I usually buy something just below the "Blots out the sun with how awesome it is, but will cost you your first born" level. I don't mind splurging on a good video card or the like, but I'm not looking to drop $5K on this system. I guess around $2k would be my budget? But I'm willing to be flexible if paying extra will net me an increase in performance and lifetime on the parts.

- like I said above, I'm looking for something that will last awhile. Futureproof as much as such things are possible.

- Generally, I pick Video Card => Processor => RAM => Motherboard => the rest. (This still the way to go about it?)

- Also, I'm a Canuck. If anyone knows a good place in the Toronto area/online to buy from, I would really appreciate it.

- Quiet, if possible, would be nice.

- I've got a sound card I'm carrying over, along with KB/Mouse/Monitor/etc. I just need the case stuff. Video card, Motherboard, processor, RAM, Hard-drive. new case.

- No real interest in overclocking.

The Questions:

1) Video Card: What should I be looking at? I heard some stuff about the Ati 4870 x2. Is it worth it? Are their issues? 1 Gig or 512mb? And what's a good manufacturer/Specific card?

2) Quad Core or Dual Core? Which chip? I haven't the faintest clue on this, so any help would be nice. I've heard Intel is the best one right now, but that may be old info.

3) RAM, what type and what speed? Considering the price and so on, I was gonna get 4 Gigs. (In 2 2Gig sticks is best, right?)

4) Motherboard: No ******* clue here. Recommend away.

5) Appropriate Power Supply? And a good hard drive recommendation too.

6) Case. I had one of those quiet Antec ones, which I quite liked. Any recommendations on a good case?

7) And finally, anything I need to know about cooling?

Thanks for all the help!

Also, if you know anywhere else to go look stuff up or ask for advice, I'm open to suggestions.
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