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Default Cooljag Falcon 92-Cu Heatsink Review by FrostyTech

I had to post this review, as I get a real kick out of unusual heatsinks for some reason. It actually performs quite well at full fan spped, and ranked 10th on their well populated performance ranking list. More surprising is that it was a respectable 9th place on that list at low fan speed (producing 30.1dBA- 2nd place on the silence ranking list) which might make it a good choice for those who want quiet performance.

When the Cooljag Falcon 92-Cu heatsink fan is running at full tilt, it's clear that this is an excellent heatsink for LGA775 Intel and K8 AMD processor platforms. Taking into consideration the concerns about base flatness we've already discussed I think this heatsink could have performed better. Yet as it stands, we witnessed no significant differences in the end result between this unit and the Falcon 92-AL.

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