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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Personally I like using my xbox to play movies over the network.. downfall is it doesn't do very good surround.

Best bet.. buy a SFF :P
Whaaat? The original Xbox has the single most advanced consumer surround sound audio processing unit ever made (nForce 2 has it as well). Its only downfall is the lack of memory and processing power for 720p and 1080i -- though it can do 540p, best way to do so would be to stream with TVersity and downsample it. Still doesn't quite compare to HD.

Xbox 360 is the best bet to use as a media center extender. PS3 would be the ultimate home theatre solution, with its legal Linux ability, it's just that people have not been able to produce the appropriate drivers/software on Linux to use it as a media player.

He doesn't need the hard drive if he wants to use it as a media extender, everything would be streamed by a networked computer. Also, it was the Xbox Pro (20GB) that was on sale for $200 this past week, although $200 seems to be the going rate for the Arcade.
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