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Smile SCSI/SAS finally dead?

Iíve never been blown-away with the transition from SCSI to SAS, fortunately because Iíve never had a SCSI drive fail Iíve also not had a requirement to seriously consider SAS. However the facts are that my SCSI drives are the only components left in my Workstations that produce any audible noise & it is from this perspective that I have been seeking to replace them but without sacrificing performance.

Anyway, today I finally found a logical replacement for my SCSI drives; the ioDrive! Hereís a review of their 80GB model.
Review of Fusion-IO ioDrive Solid State Disk Drive SSD

Assuming that nothing better comes along; Iíll be seeking to acquire one of their 320GB models within the next 12month. So what do you guys think?

Regards, Dizz
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