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Originally Posted by Kayen View Post
I'm currently using a Q6600 at stock, and it is more than what i need at the moment,
i do light gaming, and have a spare e2180, and i think i might sell both and buy an e5200 as it runs cooler and sucks up less energy.

All i do is COD4 atlantica online, CSS, CS 1.6, and SC 2 when it comes out.
I use mainly for web browsing though.
For gaming i use 9800GTX+ which should handle most things.
Also for CPU cooler i have a TRUE on the way ( Thanks encorp! ) .
Sounds like a good plan. Either an E5200 or E7200.. i wouldn't suggest going below the 5200 though.. the 9800GTX+ needs some CPU power to feed it.
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