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Originally Posted by kingnubian View Post
Excellent setup for a home server.

I , until not to long ago, had a great home server on a P2 333 with 512Mb ram running SME server (Linux) 24/7. This really goes to show that in a home server it's easy to jump on the overkill wagon.

The parts you listed will be almost dead silent and have a low power consumption. After reading this thread I think it's time to build another home server.
Overkill wagon ... good one

If it's a dead silent system you want, you may need to replace the heatsink on the chipset. It has a 40mm fan and even though I plugged mine into a fan header which has a speed adjustment in the bios, I found it needs to run at a minimum of 80% to cool the chipset.

BTW, the small heat sink at the top is for the cpu, the one under with the fan is for the chipset.
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