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Originally Posted by Babrbarossa View Post
I didn't want to write a full review on this mouse as it is the first version that I got on sale for 30% off, and is being replaced by the recently released version 2 so it's old news.

This mouse has gotten alot of favorable reviews, and overall, I do say it is a great mouse for $41, but for the regular price of $ there are better mice for the cash.

Two of my beefs with the mouse have been fixed with the new revision- those are the silly weight devices that came with it, and the lack of a forward thumb button- a problem that has been widely talked about.

The weight devices are quite fancy- they come in a small metal case with inidivually, very precisily marked weights of 1.7G or 4.5G. Each one looks like a little watch battery. This is obviously a useless gimmic and needlessly adds expense and takes away value from the mouse. I really don't know why someone would want more inertia in a gaming mouse- I even came from a cordless mouse and am accustomed to the weight, but I don't think a heavy mouse can help performance. I especially don't know why it's necessary to have such precision weight adjustment. Maybe simply add an inexpensive weighted plate insert for people who like it heavier.

Another more serious beef I have with the mouse if the scroll wheel- at first I liked the way it stuck out further which is better for scrolling in general but once I started gaming, I realized that it required alot of force to click and usually accidentally scrolled while trying to click it: this could have dire consequences in some games. One of my favorite games is Call of Duty 2, where the default for the scroll button click is for throwing frag grenades and I quite like this setup. However, when I tried using this mouse in the game, the scroll wheel behaved as if it was the CTRL button and caused me to go to prone position instead of throwing grenades. It took alot if messing with the controls to figure out why this was happening, and even more frigging to straighten it out. When I finally got the scroll click to toss grenades again, I was very unhappy with the reliability of the button as it is so difficult to click with precision.

I don't mind the looks of the mouse now that I'm used to it, but at first I really didn't like the idea of having my mouse arrive with a pre-worn look- maybe it's ok for bluejeans, but I'm not sure that the 'aged look' works so well for technology .

Even still, with those complaints, I'm still happy with this mouse and really enjoy the 2000DPI, and the quick DPI adjustment, as well as the gaming software recognition that automatically tunes the mouse for gaiming when one is started. I also really like the material used on the underside-pads which is very slippery and seems to glide well on a variety of surfaces. This mouse is probably not for people with small hands- It is the same body as a few other logitech mice, like my old MX700, and I like the shape very much.

I know that the forward thumb button has been added to the revision, and that they dropped the stupid weight system- I hope they fixed the scroll wheel too- if they did, then I would recommend one of them in a second.
I just happened across your review by accident while doing a Google search and I have to take issue with your review, specifically the part about the weights.

I must admit, when I first got the mouse I too assumed that the weights were a gimmick as well, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The weights are, hands down, the BEST part of this mouse and go WAY beyond gimmicky. They are included so people can adjust the weight of the mouse to their taste. It isn't there so people can play w/ the inertia or "resistance" of the mouse, they are there so people can fine tune the feel of the mouse until they find a weight that feels perfect in their hand. Like I said, at first I thought it was nothing more then a gimmick as well, but now that I've been using it for awhile, I will NEVER go back to a mouse without adjustable weights as I've come to become very accustomed to the weight that I set it at and when I try to use another mouse I just don't like it.

I STRONGLY urge you to play around with the weight system a bit more before writing it off as you have. Try different configurations of weight and you will quickly come to realize just how much of a difference the weights can make. Seriously.

Also, in the new G5 they did NOT leave out the weight system as that is one of the biggest draws of the mouse. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't understand how you can call it a "silly weight system" as that is one of the things that is almost universally accepted as one of, if not THE best part of the mouse <shrug>

I do agree other points of your review though, especially w/ the middle-button click, it is quite unreliable as a result of both the tendency of the wheel to scroll before it clicks, and of the left-right shift of the wheel. As a result of this, and the seeming un-programabilty of the middle-button I have stopped using it completely as the mouse-3 button to which middle-click is usually assigned. I have instead come to use the left-right function of the wheel as a mouse-3 button which i find works well. You will have to install the Logitech software to fully customize the functions of all the buttons, but that's a good trade-off I feel.

I have to say that the G5, the original mind-you, is hands-down THE best mouse I have ever owned and would recommend it in half a heart-beat.

I do hear that the new G5 is even better than the original, so if you have the means and are looking for the best mouse on the planet, the G5, old or new version, is it.

Just wanted to add those few opinions to your review :)
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