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Default Apollo4g's Mountain Mods Ascension Duality

Well my Mountain Mods Ascension Duality is all done.
What do you all think?
BTW im very disappointed with the DD FC 4870X2 block, came with missing washers, poor milling and just poorly put together. The EK blocks are of much better quality.

Q6600 w 3.825 1.45V, D-Tek Fuzion V.2 Waterblock
Gigabyte 4870X2 with DD FC Block
Asus Maximus Formula
Maze 4 NB block
2x Thermochill PA.120.3
2x 2GB Mushkin Redline 8000s, 2x 2GB Mushkin Ascent 8500s
2x Swiftech 655 pumps
Raptor X 150
WD Caviar Black 1TB, 3 x 320 Seagate 7200.10, 2 x Samsung F1 1TB, 2x 750GB Samsung F1's.
X-Fi XtremeMusic
Mountain Mod Ascension Duality - Sky White
2 x EK Multi option res 250
Primoflex Blue Tubing 3/4" OD
Silverstone Decathlon 1200W Power Supply
And ummm a whole lot of Delta and Panaflo fans

800D | i7 920 | EVGA Classified LE | 5970 EK Waterblock | 12GB - 1600 Dominators DDR3 | Silverstone Decathlon 1200W | Vertex 120GB |
ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 | Heatkiller 3.0 | Thermochill PA.120.3 | Freezone Elite | 2x655's with EK Dual D5 Top | T-Virus Res |

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