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I bought the HIS ICEQ4 Turbo one (order hasnt even been completed, still time to change), I wanted to get something with better cooling, and didn't want to chance an aftermarket cooler (voids warranty, plus SKYMTL mentioned a lot of ATI cards are glued together instead of just normal paste).

The warranty on XFX is the one thing that has tempted me to go nVidia for years, I am not a fanboy for one camp or the other, I just kept missing the boat on them, I only upgrade once every few years, got a 9700 pro, missed out on the 6xxx series from nvidia, bought an x800, missed the 7 series, bought a 1950, missed the 8 series, rinse repeat.

I guess I will just stick with the HIS, crappy warranty, but all ATI cards have crappy warranties...

whats $50 these days anyways, not even a tank of gas...
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