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Default Guru3D reviews 1100W Tagan TG1100-U95 TurboJet PSU

"The Kilowatt power supply taken a step further .. 1100 Watts

When I started to write this review I noticed that a press-release about a 2000 Watt power supply just came out. Insane .. I swear if the day comes that we need 2 KW Power Supplies just to play games then we all can acknowledge that something has gone seriously wrong in the computer industry. Then again .. Moore's law has been ruling and is telling me that it's a plausible scenario.

It's however also a bit of a marketing race between the companies. I call it penis envy .. my PSU is 1100 Watts, mine is 1200 ! .. and the big one .. hey we do 2000 ! Currently there is absolutely no need or relevance for a 2000 KW PSU.

We just started writing review on Kilowatt power Supplies and that already a truckload of horsepower. Hello everyone, yes you got it right .. today we'll review another power supply, a spicy beefed up version from Tagan, and yes indeed a 1.1 Kilowatt power supply. What is it with the need for Kilowatt+ power supplies .. ? I mean a year ago 1KW was unthinkable. Yet there's their weird trend in the IT industry and I call it the Dual and Quad variable.

Face it, we can't ignore it. The industry went towards dual-everything. Dual Core and Quad core CPUs, multiple CPU's per mainboard dual and quad graphics core based graphics cards connected to your dual monitors or even three monitors.

With that in mind let me ask you a question .. what's keeping all these internal PC components running and stable ? Yep .. it's your power supply unit, a very underestimated piece of hardware in your PC. So today our second 1000+ Watt power supply review is being published, and we test a lot of PSU's these days .. just to make sure that you guys buy the right stuff. Never underestimate the importance of the PSU"

More @ Guru3D

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