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Default Whats a good mod for window in CM HAF 932?

I'm loosing the battle of resisting picking one of these Cooler Master HAF 932 up. If I did get one, I would like to do something with that window to nowhere!

I am fielding for ideas of some sort of mod for the small window in the upper part of the case that looks into... nothing! (Empty PSU slot, or maybe a radiator if you are running water. You could mount your PSU up there, but then would have to pull the bit exhaust fan out.)

The window is a little too high to view the main part of the mobo, and only catches the top of it if you are looking down from above the case.

I was thinking of a small LCD display maybe. Room for two. One with system sensor data on it, one with a feed from a web cam pointed out of the window -- a pic of YOU looking in! This isn't a new idea, I've seen it done with a full size window. Where is a good place to get small LCDs?

What else could be done with this window? Any ideas for the rest of the case? I mean aside from painting it black inside, and maybe pounding some dents into it to make it look more like a real tank (of gas?).

Needs more light inside, gotta be a unique way of getting some red cold cathode or LED in there, encorporating the window for a light show?

Help me brainstorm this, and maybe I can pull something off!

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