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It really depends how you are connected to the internet as to whether this will help or not.

These optimizers generally increase the MTU size (Maximum Transmission Unit (packet size)) while larger MTU's will improve bandwidth efficiency , they can also add 'lag' ....

Now , if your computer connects directly to a modem or goes through a router that uses 10 Mbit ethernet connections , it'll probably help.

But , for example , in my case , my computer connects to the internal network and router at 1 Gbit , and the router connects to the modem @ 100 in my case PFsense is handling the TCP/ip to the modem , so an MTU tweak on a client machine does jack shit , windows already does that for Gbit....

It (PF) already pins my shaw Extreme I , typical download from the shaw backbone is 1.18 MByte/sec......

edit ; squeetard , I'm not 100% sure about your area , but in Calgary 'Nitro' is 25 shaw Extreme I is 10 Mbit.
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