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I know I'm going off topic but I gotta share more of those quotes from CoH:

British Infantry section
  1. "Listen up, you ******* wankers"
  2. "... and I thought it rained a lot at home..."
  3. "Now you done it. Captain wants us to move out."
  4. "Told you it wouldn't last. Now let's go"
  5. "Let's hope I'll do better than that sorry bugger" (picking a panzershreck)
  6. "Oi! Listen up, gents!"
  7. "WHAT. DO. YOU. NEED. SIR." (under heavy fire)
  8. "Oi Atkins listen! / listen Atkins!"
  9. "Excuse me sir, do you mind stop clicking me?" (clicking repeatedly on a unit)
  10. "Slay them like you mean it boys"
  12. "The jerries are gonna shit themselves when they see this" (after finishing construction)
  13. "It's no Tower of London, but it'll do!"
  14. "Maybe the captain would like to build some Bren carriers for us eh?"
  15. "SUCK MY MUZZLE JERRY" (after killing an enemy unit)
  16. "Oi Duffy, what's the hurry? You looking to get offed?"
  18. "Oh I see what you've done there, but sure took you long enough you nancies!" (after finishing construction)
  19. "AWW YEAH! THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE ******* NEED!" (getting into an abandoned weapon)
  20. "ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THESE!" (getting into an abandoned weapon)
  21. "Hopefully I'll do better than the poor ****** who left it here." (getting an abandoned weapon)
  22. "Stick 'em on the ends of the bayonets" (attacking whilst in darkness)
  23. "Target seen! Let's go!"
  24. "Put a burst on those Jerries!"
  25. "Bren group! Open it up!"
  27. "Tear them a new one gents!"
  28. "RUN YOU ******* WANKERS RUN!!!" (Retreating under heavy fire)
  29. "Maybe it's sunny where we're going" (in the rain)
  30. "Make sure to point those rifles downrange I don't want any lollygagging"
  31. "There will be huns chaps, so stay sharp!"
  32. "Poke 'em in the eyes, lads!" (When buttoning an enemy vehicle)
  33. "Slash those vision slits! Blind em!" (When buttoning enemy vehicle)
  34. "This weather's making me think God's a Jerry" (in the rain)
  35. "Duffy! Shut your cake hole! Captain's giving orders."
  36. "DUFFY! Are you smoking a cigarette next to a fuel dump?!" (After capturing fuel point)
  37. "Those munitions are better in our hands than Jerry's" (Order to capture ammo point)
  38. "We're sittin' on a ton of munitions lads so stay sharp!" (After capturing ammo point)
  39. "Right. Ground will be ours shortly" (Order to capture point)
  41. "PULL! PULL! PULL!!!" (retreating)
  42. "GOOD KILL! GOOD ******* KILL!"
  43. "Sniper duty! Let's go!"
  44. "I need a sniper! Now!"
This is one of the few games I enjoy watching replays on to hear the chaos.
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