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I would definitely go for a Linux-based OS (and a server oriented one) if I had to set up a dedicated home "server". Of course, if you have never used a Linux-based OS, you might have a hard time configuring it (especially since most server oriented distros don't come with a graphical user interface). The good thing is that it's totally free, it's highly configurable and has a really good reputation for being stable & secure & fast...

The only good thing I see about installing XP on a "server" is in the case you are totally new to the Unix-like world, where it's simpler to set up (but it's less fun, and you won't learn anything new).

But if you are interested in a Linux-based OS for your computer, I would suggest you to take a look at Ubuntu Server Edition, since it's relatively simple and has good community support. Since it's free, you don't lose anything to try it (except a bit of time )
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