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Default Building a file server

Hello, I'm building a computer that I'd like to basically serve files over a network and I'd like some advice.

First of all, the main requirements I have for this computer is low heat output and noise. My apartment gets quite hot during the summer. If I leave my desktop on during the day when I'm not at home, it's boiling when I return at night. I'd like to leave this new file server on during the day so that I can access it via the internet from work etc. So it's very important that it doesn't produce a lot of heat. Low power consumption would also be nice since it will be on at all times.

I've heard that cases and power supplies are pretty important in terms of heat produced. So that's particularly what I'm looking for advice on. Size/Make/Model etc.

What I have in mind so far is:

- Intel Core 2 Duo ~2.5 gHz
- 2x ~500gb Seagate HDDs (RAID 1 for data)
- 1x smaller Seagate HDD (for operating system)
- ASUS motherboard w/ onboard LAN
- 4 gb RAM (I already have this lying around)
- Case ????
- Powersupply ????

Thanks for the help!
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