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Default Pictures!!!!

Finally took some pictures of the new build, I didn't have time and i was too excited to go out and buy cable sleeving and accessories so the wiring isn't the best at the moment but its still built and works thus far!
Notes about the build:
- CM Stacker 832: Will not hold a Thermalright Ultra120 Extreme with the stock fan bracket installed (Required modding) (Picture 6)
- ASUS Crosshair Motherboard: When using a PCIx16 Graphics card, the USB and 1394 Headers are near impossible to access (Had to connect the USB/1394 THEN reinstall card, very little room.) (Picture 7)
- Crossflow fan will only fit my 8800GTS video cards in ONE orientation - approximately 45 degrees angled towards the cpu heatsink. Otherwise the crossflow fan pushes up against the side of the card. (Picture 5/6 - Angled Crossflow)

More pics of all the glowy blue goodness coming later (Forgot to charge my camera batt. lol) Please comment!
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