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Originally Posted by 3.0charlie View Post
Someone asked about the Enzotech sinks? I had the chance to use them last night on a build; With proper surface preperation (95% alcool on both surface), I found them to be quite sticky. I also had the opportunity to use the Zalman blue sinks and found that the adhesion was far less than the Enzotech sinks, with the same surface preperation.

I didn't use any heat, though I agree with Jody that it may help with the adhesion: the adhesives used in tapes sometimes can be activated with heat, thus increasing the adhesion.
good to hear the Enzotech tape is, if nothing else, useable and decent. probably about the same as the sekisui and 100% better than the stuff that comes on Swiftech MC14s. it is funny but having a roll of this thermal tape is just unbelievably helpful...those that order it, you will definitely be thankful you did.

as for the heat cycling, again, it feels like it helps right off the bat but that may just be placebo. either way, with proper alcohol cleaning on both surfaces before hand, the sekisui is definitely good enough. thanks for the info on the Enzotech heat sinks, much appreciated
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