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Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
i told you about that stuff months ago...use it damn near every day myself

it is as good as any thermal tape but the key is prep. clean surfaces on both sides makes a world of difference, and not wiped with a clean q-tip clean...100% alcohol clean. the other trick i have started doing is to heat cycle it before using the hardware. AKA, mounting everything with gravity being your friend and hitting it with a few minutes with the blow dryer on hot then cooling them down. not sure if it helps but 'feels' like it might. either way, with clean mounting surfaces it works just fine anyway, never have anything fall off that wasn't helped
Hey 3oh6, wow... You got a good mini guide with words, now about some pics :P

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Also found this on their site.... - Discount Computer Hardware & Reliable Service:=

First PSU connector tools I've seen which give me a warm fuzzy about being able to do fan connectors as well.
You know I was seeing that the first time I visited the site.. Not too bad for $23.00
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