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Default Need new headphones, 75/25% music/gaming

I use headphone for all my computer listening, be it music or gaming, and am presently investigating the possibility of getting a mic-headset. However, I listen to lots of music (all genres) and consider the quality of my music more important than my gaming.

For the last year I've been using THESE headphones, and they've actually done amazingly well. Supposedly, they were selling for upward of $100 on introduction, and their specs on paper almost seemed to justify it, but I got them for $30 on sale and that price seems to be sticking around so far. So I'm open to to the possibility that they're actually second-rate, and that there's something noticeably better available.

So what I'm looking for is some a good set of phones (closed, preferably), with a built-in (and fold-away) mic, that are comfortable for long periods of time. A lot of possible candidates seem to have reviews suggesting that their response curves are skewed towards gaming, and their bass-ends are rather limited. My budget is preferably under $150, but am open to pricier stuff if it can be justified. No wireless, please.

Thought? Suggestions?
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